"No audience is going to get the same experience…"

A deserted Hebridean landscape, memories of a fatal crash, a book written by a dying man. Intrigued.....? 

Come and find out more by exploring a haunting, deserted, island shrouded in mystery in a live performance of the videogame Dear Esther.

Starting on a small beach, only brooding cliffs and a small lighthouse in sight, BAFTA-nominated narrator Oliver Dimsdaletakes you through the game, journeying from a desolate Scottish island, to a car crash on the M5, to a crisis of faith of a guilty heart, to the lost shores of a dreamed shoreline into a final ascent through the waters of madness to the release of flight.  With the play-through of the game on-screen accompanied by live narration and a live performance of BAFTA winning composer Jessica Curry’s powerful score, the story of the acclaimed videogame is brought to life in as a performative work and as never before.  

Originally released in 2012, Dear Esther, created by developers The Chinese Room, quickly gained critical acclaim for abandoning traditional gameplay in favour of atmosphere, rich storytelling and extraordinary art, proving videogames are capable of the same musical, narrative and artistic expression as film, visual art, literature and classical music. 

 “One of the most exciting things about this tour is that no audience is going to get the same experience. The playthrough – because the game really is being played live, which affects how the music and narration is ordered – can change every night, and that’s so unique to this tour. This is not a pre-recorded playthrough, just set to music.” Jessica Curry, co-founder of The Chinese Room and composer of the Dear Esther OST