Security Measures

Reflecting the the need for increased security at venues, the Usher Hall is operating under enhanced security and emergency procedures:

  •  Additional trained security staff
  • No bags or rucksacks will be permitted in to the venue beyond a small handbag.
  • There will be no cloakroom provision for bags and we reserve the right to carry out searches of handbags
  • Individual concerts will be subject to additional security measures depending on the nature of the event and the artist. Please visit the ‘Restrictions’ tab on the web page for the event that you are attending.

While there is no intelligence to suggest a specific threat to Scotland, we feel that these are appropriate measures and ask you to support them and our staff. You should allow extra time to get to the venue and your seat as additional checks will add time to accessing the venue.

All performances are scheduled to continue at this time and we will continue to provide updates on our security measures through the ‘Restrictions’ tab of the event page on the website.