Stravinsky Jeu de cartes 
Poul Ruders Concerto for Harpsichord (UK Premiere)
Saint-Saëns Symphony No3 Organ 

Thomas Søndergård Conductor 
Mahan Esfahani Harpsichord 
There’s nothing quite like hearing Saint-Saëns’ Third Symphony played live. The orchestra thunders, there’s a sudden silence, and then – with one mighty chord – the organ practically blows the roof off. It’s just one of a whole series of musical surprises in tonight’s stunning concert, from Stravinsky’s brilliant musical card game to the phenomenal Mahan Esfahani bringing the harpsichord powering into the 21st century in Poul Ruders’ gripping new concerto. In the words of the composer – ‘just you wait!’

Supported by Jennie S. Gordon Memorial Foundation

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