Thea Musgrave     Song of the Enchanter Scotch Snap
Dvořák                  Cello Concerto
Sibelius                 Symphony No5

"Sibelius saw a flight of swans in the sunset and heard the tune that crowns his Fifth Symphony. Antonín Dvořák was overwhelmed by the power and beauty of Niagara Falls and poured his feelings into a Cello Concerto as tender as it is passionate. And Thea Musgrave, a giant among Scottish composers, summons shimmering magic from an old Finnish myth. Tabita Berglund and soloist Torleif Thedéen take a journey to a place where nature, fantasy and emotion become one. 

Tabita Berglund     Conductor
Torleif Thedéen     Cello
Royal Scottish National Orchestra  


Scotch Snap is supported by the John Ellerman Foundation and the Ambache Charitable Trust, which raises the profile of music by women"