Jay Capperauld     "Fèin-Aithne     Scotch Snap"
Alfvén                     Bergakungen (The Mountain King) Suite 
R Strauss               An Alpine Symphony

"Richard Strauss once boasted that he could depict even a knife and fork in music – so when he sets out to paint the full majesty of the Bavarian Alps, it’s fair to say that the results are spectacular! Musicians from the RCS join forces with Thomas Søndergård and the RSNO on a musical adventure that takes in waterfalls, glaciers and breath-taking views, as well as the very Scottish scenery of Fèin-Aithne, by RSNO Composers’ Hub alumnus Jay Capperauld.

Thomas Søndergård                     Conductor
Musicians from Royal Conservatoire of Scotland     
Royal Scottish National Orchestra    


Scotch Snap is supported by PRS Foundation’s Resonate Fund, John Mather Trust and John Ellerman Foundation"