Carlijn Metselaar     Into the Living Mountain (RSNO Composers’ Hub winner 2019:20) 
Stravinsky               Violin Concerto 
Rachmaninov         Symphony No2

Thomas Søndergård    Conductor
Patricia Kopatchinskaja     Violin
Royal Scottish National Orchestra    

Patricia Kopatchinskaja is a violinist who pushes the boundaries – and when she plays Stravinsky’s brilliant, ferociously difficult Violin Concerto, you’ll hear why. ‘You can only win the freedoms you dare to take’ she says. ‘The limits are in the imagination.’ That could almost be a motto for a concert that begins with a new vision of the Scottish landscape from Carlijn Metselaar and ends with the romantic melodies and sweeping vistas of Rachmaninov’s Second Symphony. Thomas Søndergård won’t hold back.

Supported by the Ambache Charitable Trust, which raises the profile of music by women.