Limited view seats

We want everyone who comes along to our events to enjoy themselves. Part of this is ensuring that you get the view you were expecting.  So if you are planning to buy a restricted or limited view seat, its best to know what you are buying before you arrive. We try to label all the seats that have a permanently restricted/limited view on our online seating plans, but there is nothing like seeing a picture, so here are some sample images from the Upper Circle.

Why choose a limited/restricted view seat?

For the majority of events, the seats in this area are cheaper so you might get a bargain. In addition, regular attendees of classical music events at the Usher Hall constantly report excellent sound quality from the Upper Circle.

  • Sample view of limited view

    Sample view of limited view

  • Sample view of restricted view

    Sample view of restricted view

  • Image of restricted legroom

    Image of restricted legroom