In the light of the pandemic and advice from the Government, the Usher Hall and our partner venues, the Assembly Rooms, Church Hill Theatre and Ross Bandstand, are now closed to the public until 18 June.

There is no Counter or Telephone service until further notice.

Please see here for further information.


The Stalls has 967 seats and great legroom throughout the area. The only exception would be Z12+13 and Z39+40. For those of you with long legs, we would recommend you sit elsewhere.  The stage area is raked from row H and the overhang of the Grand Circle starts from Row X.

Why choose the Stalls?

You probably get the best live music atmosphere in the Stalls.

Wheelchair spaces

There are 10 wheelchair spaces, each with one adjacent companion seat.  These are located in Row Q.  They give an excellent view for the majority of our concerts. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the standard of view for seated rock/pop concerts, where the audience chooses to stand.

Seating Plan

Download below.

The View

Images below.

The view from the rear/side Stalls

There are no official limited/restricted views in this area, but the stage set up for each performance is different, so occasionally it can mean a slightly limited view of certain parts of the stage.  The areas to watch out for are:

The end of row on the side sections of Rows E-H

If the stage set is very wide, you can sometimes miss the extreme left or right of the stage

The front 2-3 rows  

Whilst these seats give you a fantastic, close up view of those performing front & centre of the stage, you can sometimes miss a little of anything that is positioned at the back of the stage, because of the angle looking up towards the stage. Also, if there is any dancing as part of the show, you could miss some of the footwork. You should also bear in mind that the stage is raised, so you will be looking up towards the performers throughout the event.