Usher Hall to host National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine for its biggest tour in 100 years

National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine with their instruments stood on the stage of a concert hall.

Usher Hall is joining forces with 16 other major concert venues around the UK to support Ukraine’s premier symphony orchestra this October.

The National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine (NSOU) is recognised as one of the finest symphony orchestras in Eastern Europe and has announced it will return to the UK for the first time in over 20 years this autumn, with a rich programme featuring Ukrainian composer Lyatoshynsky’s Grazhyna Symphonic Picture, Sibelius’ Finlandia, and Strauss’ Don Juan.

Alexander Hornostai, NSOU managing director and producer, says: “The National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine has been an important part of the country’s culture for over 100 years, and we have been performing and rehearsing in Kiev since we were first established in 1918. Whilst this war has had a dramatic impact on Ukrainian lives, we took the decision early on that we had an important role to play in continuing to perform, in order to protect and showcase Ukrainian musical culture and show that there is more to our country than just the conflict.

“We are deeply grateful to the UK venues and tour promoters who are working with us to ensure this ambitious tour happens. We can’t wait to return to the UK after more than two decades and have the opportunity to perform to UK audiences all over the country.”

To book tickets for this concert click here: National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine | Usher Hall

Conductor Volodymyr Sirenko lifting up his baton