The Stalls has 967 seats and great legroom throughout the area. The only exception would be Z12+13 and Z39+40. For those of you with long legs, we would recommend you sit elsewhere.  The stage area is raked from row H and the overhang of the Grand Circle starts from Row X.

Why choose the Stalls?
You probably get the best live music atmosphere in the Stalls.

Wheelchair spaces
There are 10 wheelchair spaces, each with one adjacent companion seat.  These are located in Row Q (Q1-13 and Q39-51).  They give an excellent view for the majority of our concerts. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the standard of view for seated rock/pop concerts, where the audience chooses to stand.

It is not currently possible to book wheelchair spaces online.  Please call 0131 228 1155 or email

Grand Circle

The Grand Circle has 431 seats and in general has good legroom, although the back row has slightly less legroom than the other rows.  This area provides a nice elevated view over the stage.  All seating is raked.

Why choose the Grand Circle?
It's the best place to appreciate the grandeur of the Usher Hall auditorium.

Wheelchair spaces
There are two wheelchairs spaces, and one adjacent free standing companion seat. Access is via the lift located on the Grindlay Street side of the building.

Rear/Side Grand Circle
There are small brass bars at the foot of the stairs leading down to the seats in the G/C; this can affect the view from the aisle seats in row A and B, depending on your height.  Also the seat F10 and F77 are affected by the handrails on the stairs.

Upper Circle

The Upper Circle has 797 seats. It can be accessed via the lift located on the Grindlay Street side of the building or by using the spiral staircase adjacent to the new wing.


All the seating provision is wooden fold-down seats, so this would not be your most comfortable option. 

Legroom/Seat width

The legroom here is not as good as in other parts of the auditorium and the seats are, in general, narrower. So if good legroom or seat width is important, you should consider another part of house.


Although there is a lift to this area, once there, quite steep steps need to be negotiated in order to reach most of the seats.  We do not recommend this area for those with mobility problems.  In addition, because it is very high up, it is not suitable for anyone with vertigo. Even those with a mild dislike of heights should consider sitting elsewhere. 

So, why choose the Upper Circle?
The sound quality is great for classical music events.

Wheelchair spaces
Although the foyer area is fully wheelchair accessible, there are no wheelchair spaces in the Upper Circle.

Centre Upper Circle
For the most part, the seats in the centre section of the Upper Circle have a clear view down to the stage.

The exception would be H 20-24, H42-46 and H64-68.  All of these seats have a high safety barrier in front of them.  You may need to sit forward in your seat and lean on it to see properly. Legroom is also limited.

The side sections adjacent to the centre section
In Rows A, B and C the first 6 seats nearest the centre and in Rows D,E,F and G the first 3-4 seats nearest the centre section, have reasonable views.  The views from the rest of the seats are limited or restricted. This will be marked on the online plan, if you choose to book your tickets from the website.  Up to 50% of the stage may not be visible on seats labelled 'restricted view'.

The side section nearest the stage
The views in this section are reasonable except the very end 4 seats in row A-D and the whole of rows H and I.

Organ Gallery

This is the area of seating behind the stage and there are around 180 seats here. This area is only occasionally put on sale and most often for classical music concerts, where you would be sitting behind the orchestra. Seating is traditional wooden benches, the sound quality is good and you get an excellent view of the orchestra and conductor.

Occasionally we do small scale performances in this area, where the performer turns their back to the main auditorium and performs solely to the audience in the Organ Gallery.

Limited View Seats

We want everyone who comes along to our events to enjoy themselves. Part of this is ensuring that you get the view you were expecting. So if you are planning to buy a restricted or limited view seat, its best to know what you are buying before you arrive. We label all the seats that have a permanently restricted/limited view on our online seating plans.

Why choose a limited/restricted view seat?

For the majority of events, the seats in this area are cheaper so you might get a bargain. In addition, regular attendees of classical music events at the Usher Hall constantly report excellent sound quality from the Upper Circle.