Bacewicz Overture for Orchestra

Saint-Saëns Piano Concerto No5

Lutosławski Symphony No3

Ravel Boléro

Thomas Søndergård Conductor

Simon Trpčeski Piano

Rat, ta-ta-ta tat, rat-ta-ta tat-tat… come on, you’re humming it already! Ravel composed Boléro in 1928 and nearly a century later it’s still driving us all crazy. It’ll make a hot-blooded climax to a multicoloured concert, which opens with Bacewicz’s punchy overture and sparkles on through Saint Saëns’ musical postcard from Egypt and Lutosławski’s shimmering Third Symphony. Thomas Søndergård conducts while Simon Trpčeski plays the piano: and believe us, dazzling is an understatement.