Escape into sweeping melodies

Jonathan Woolgar Canzoni et Ricercari – New version for large ensemble (6 mins)
Mozart  Mozart Concerto No.20 in D minor K.466 (c.31 mins)
Elgar Symphony No.1 (c.50 mins) 

Martin James Bartlett piano 
Ryan Wigglesworth conductor

British music isn’t always what you expect. Edward Elgar was a shopkeeper’s son from a country town, but his First Symphony spans worlds – a sweeping, multicoloured musical autobiography on a magnificent scale, burning with passion and beginning (as well as ending) with a melody you’ll never forget. Jonathan Woolgar comes from West Yorkshire, but in his award-winning Canzoni et Ricercari he travels in time to the Renaissance, unlocking new sounds of bracing power and haunting beauty. Our Chief Conductor Ryan Wigglesworth brings a composer’s creativity to these two astonishing scores – and joins BBC Young Musician 2014 Martin James Bartlett, to celebrate the brilliance, the wit and the unchained inspiration of Mozart.